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Welcome to​! is a Online and One-On-One service that offer functional training for the mature Elite, Physically fit, Independent, Frail or the Dependent person, it's a great time to be alive and mature. No sickness here. Don't you want to live to be 100 ? If you're healthy, quality of life is key. This isn't the time to slow down. Learning something new! Enjoy life and oh, some much more!! Having energy to get your groceries or have enough energy to be able to take that dancing class. You deserve to live life to the fullest!  Functional training helps clients to do the things you need to do, Like to do and want to do!!


Aging is just the accumulation of all the choices, decisions, and actions you have taken over the course of your lifetime. When you make bad choices the majority of your life, the result - cancer, diabetes, obesity. The more positive choices you make, the more prolonged your life experience on earth will be to enjoy family and friends.


Transform your life with our Online and One-On-One training options. Take your personal trainer with you wherever you go. With my custom videos, you will be sure to use the right form an avoid any injuries or issues when doing your workouts. We will work with you closely to make sure that we have a customized and effective workout plan made just for you. Check out our plans so you can maximize your results and be FreeFit!!


How Does Online Training Work?


We will build a customized training plan for you, so that you can bring your workouts to the gym, see stats, track your progress.  I review your progress and make tweaks to your training plan.


Don't have a gym membership? That's ok. Workouts can be done at home. Gyms can sometimes be uncomfortable or not convenient for some people. Communicate with me in real time. Have stronger accountability and a support system. You can exercise anywhere. The trainer for you isn't necessarily the one who works at the gym around the corner.


Command Center is a challenge meant for beginners and fitness guru alike who want fitness in a fun and encouraging way within a group on Facebook. Fitness is a more manageable micro-manage within 30 days of journeys. I will give you an easily manageable tasks for 30 days.

Solo fitness is boring. Having a team around you where everyone is on the same journey is exciting and fun. You get and give accountability and support and you get to give accountability and support. Both build momentum and keep you excited about your fitness because you don’t know what’s challenge is next day by day.  And let’s face it, sometimes a little friendly competition is a good thing. It’s not about winning or losing but doing your best to hit your personal goals knowing others around you are doing the same!

In 2014 I started training the best client in the world. Clients that were supportive and want to change. It’s been the best experience. I couldn’t ask for better clients to learn from. I was not the only person passing on knowledge here. This Video has some of these clients which have been with me from the beginning.  I will remember you guys and you will stay in my heart forever!!

One-On-One Training
Mature Online Training
Command Online Facebook Training

I’m a certified trainer who loves working with mature and senior citizens. I’m a mobile trainer who provide service in my service area. Provide private gym or personal gym to provide service. I have a personalized approach and ability to identify the strengths and weakness of my clients.



Improve your functional ability. Do the things you already do even better. This program will provide the strength, energy, stamina and flexibility necessary for all of life's tasks. 


I provide exercise for strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and agility in a safe and effective customized plan to improve function and endurance. 


What do you dream at this stage of your life? What if you could climb the stairs, or play sports, or even walk a mile! Be comfortable in your skin making your next ten years your best years.


Many entrepreneurs try to stake a claim in the fast-growing market of age-defying products that will slow or even reverse the aging process. These products and procedures are not successful as they do

not address the multitude of factors that contribute to aging.



A commitment to physical activity, good nutrition, and other healthy choices may modulate the expression of genetic code. 

Need to know more about exercise and correct form. Overwhelmed with where to start and how? Online training is for you!!


In The ultimate test is here. In this 30-day challenge, I am going to ask you to complete a challenge. All I can tell you, for now, are 3 things.


If you stay consistent, you’ll likely win.

If you don’t you’ll likely lose

Cool prizes up for grabs.


The challenge (Command Station) is aimed at...

Accelerating your overall results & getting you super lean much quicker

Keeping you focused and super fit away from the sessions


It's also a bit of light-hearten fun & competition to spice things up.

About Us

I started FreeFit Fitness in 2015.  I saw a need for fitness training for 50 plus people because our fitness needs are different. I love having a six-pack but not everyone over 50 needs or wants vanity improvements.  Mature adults have different set of needs, interests and desires than their younger counterparts. Mature people are all different. There is an immense diversity that exists within the mature population.  Mature adults need improvement in functional abilities, such as gait speed, balance, power, flexibility, mobility, and agility. I want to typically focus more on replication of daily tasks, challenging motor control and coordination along with strength.

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