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At Freefitdream we’re known for helping people find the motivation to do things they wouldn't normally do through our (Command Center)  private Facebook group. 
And yes, you going to learn new habits and if you use these new tools? You will lose weight with our upcoming f30 Day Challenge Summer Madness challenge. 


We should all be finding ways to help one another. I'm happy to teach you the new tools to stay healthy. There's no better time right now than now. You have the time. It's so important right now.  It’s a win-win! In this group,  we learn Encouragement, Purpose, It's better in a group, there's the commitment, instruction, and finally results. 



In the Command Center, we have a very encouraging environment. People share routines, their tips for being fit along with encouraging words to live by while competing for the ultimate prizes, and bragging rights. For 30 Days you will have a purpose and wake up the competitiveness within you


We give you a purpose, you have a much better chance at sticking with something long enough to see results. You have a specific date range or a specific goal that you’re committed to and are able to keep that in your mind.

In A Group


It’s better together. The key to winning the challenge is simple. You will be part of a Command Station Private Facebook group.  You will need to check your Facebook group challenge every day for instructions for that day. 


Exercise is a LIFELONG commitment. Results don’t happen overnight. Those two statements, while true, can seem very intimidating to fitness newbies. Instead of thinking about the lifelong journey ahead, Our challenges have you micro-manage your fitness with a 4-week block. 


Our challenges offer instructions. You are given a daily plan, all the guesswork is taken out and all you have to do is follow that plan. It’s an awesome way to increase your fitness, get extra training support, and make things EASY. What I’ve learned is that challenges that are complicated don’t work. Challenges that are centered around basic principles and tasks… those get started and actually followed through with.



And the final reason challenges are a good thing… you get results.

If you’re currently working out but have noticed you aren’t seeing results, it’s time for a change.

A challenge offers a new piece to the fitness puzzle to help break down plateaus by adding extra movement, exercise, or nutritional elements that you weren’t currently doing. These new pieces could just be what it takes to drive bigger and better results.


Command Center Back From Hell Challenge


  The ultimate test is here. In this 30-day challenge, I am going to ask you to complete a challenge. All I can tell you, for now, are 3 things.

  • If you stay consistent, you'll likely win.

  • If you don't you'll likely lose.

  • Cool prizes up for grabs.

The challenge (command Station) is aimed at...

Accelerating your overall results & getting you super Lean much quicker

Keeping you focused and super fit away from the sessions

It's also a bit of light-hearted fun &competition to spice things up. 

The challenge is very simple to follow and must be done every day for 30 days. I will give seven challenges from the earliest to the hardest. I will give you an exercise or event to perform which represents one to 10 points in some cases. Choose one, two, or all challenges. I will post the instruction on our Facebook group page. The player with the most points wins. 



"When I started this 30 days challenge, I came in with the thought of oh what the heck it’s only a month you love challenges/ competition, now today I must say I wake up early every morning excited to prepare my special meals for the day/week, Actually this morning my hubby was telling me wow honey you are really toning up # yeahhhh .. I’m loving the new healthy me # thanks Popeye".

Michael Brady


"What I got out of this challenge was the importance of doing more exercises at home like planks and squats. I do a lot of group classes already. Now I need to add more individual exercises.".

Rebekah Carter

"I got so much out of this challenge, and I learned so much. Vince, you are an amazing trainer, I learned a lot from you. Also, this forum allowed me to learn from the other participants as well. As much as I've gotten out of the exercise portion, I think I'm most thankful for the nutritional part, especially the meal planning. That is a huge help to me. I really like the balancing exercise, nutrition, and social. It all connects to help me be healthy all the way around.".



Sign up for the 30 Day Summer Madness (just $35) and you’ll be classified as a member.

You’ll be able to join in the challenge The Spring/Summer Command Center Movement.

So, what do you say? Ready to go forward Into Movement?

Get the info on the 30 Day on the Landing Page and get yourself set to start! Once signed up, someone will personally reach out to get you set forward  Into Movement.

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