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Vincent's Story 


I have always loved fitness starting with dancing as a little kid in talent shows. My mother would take me to every family event to battle my cousins. “Boy get out there and dance”, my mother would say. When I thought I was losing I came out with my ace. What would that be you ask? My James Brown Split. Wooo!! “That boy can dance” the grown-ups would say.



My fitness interest expanded after the discovery of

the lakefront bike trail here in Chicago. I became so 

consumed by cycling that I started a cycling club

called The WindChasers. We have travel 125 miles on

trips to a neighboring state. We attended a 25 mile

L.A.T.E ride in Chicago in June 1am all night and

morning. I also did the Hell Run 5k Mud Obstacle Run.

I couldn’t have jumped too high over that fire. 











I’m a NASM (National Academy of sports Medicine)

fitness professional that cares. NASM is a leader in

the fitness industry. I also received my advanced specializations in MMA conditioning Specialist, Senior Fitness Specialist and Group Personal Training Specialization certifications.  My passion started for fitness twenty years ago. I’m a personal trainer now. I started training clients while in Grad school. I received my Master of Management with a major in Higher Education Administration from Robert Morris University.  I always wanted to pursue my passion in the fitness industry but I waited to go full force in my fifties. I have been building muscle for twenty plus years. I’m older now. My body is changing.  More aches and pains but I can still cause some damage in the gym!!




My education, combined with experience of results gives me a solid understanding of great training. I care about people and view my role as a trainer as being much more than just a career. I am committed to giving information which will make you healthier. Let me make your dreams of a better life, mobility, and maintaining function a reality.  I have enough passion, creativity, and empathy necessary to motivate my clients to meet their goals. I will take all the guess work out of your fitness routine and ensure your workout time gets results.



I'm dedicated to helping you becoming healthier. Being healthy is your birthright. I’m a professional whom remains very passionate about the health of others. It’s a good investment for the long term. Let me get you started on your FreeFitDream for life.
















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