One-On-One 2019 Training for Diabetes


I know change is scary but so is being diabetic. It's not complicated.  You can take control.  It’s all a mindset.  Change the way you feel about life. Make the decision to live!!! This is your life!!.


Exercise has been shown to:

  • Increase glucose uptake in skeletal muscle via an insulin-dependent mechanism and an insulin-independent mechanism

  • Lower your risk for heart disease and stroke

  • Improves fat oxidation and storage in muscle

  • slightly reduce systolic blood pressure and LDL cholesterol levels

  • Improve depression and quality of life

  • Improves your balance to prevent falls

  • Burns calorie t help you lose or maintain weight

  • Increase your energy for daily activities 


When you join Freefit Coaching, you get the expert individual specialization you need to control your diabetes.  I will help you maximize your efficiency in the gym, providing you with the tools to re-take control of your body, your mind, and you life. I will take time to get to know you, your exercise preferences, weak points, and trouble spots that are holding back your progress. I will handcraft a custom program, that fits your goals, your busy schedule, and your body.  Your unique program will be 100% tailored to you.









Doing it yourself and searching for more information in sites, articles and books can cause information overload and can be a massive problem.


Online personal training requires a short time commitment of six months. Your body needs time to adjust and change, this gives enough time for your body to start making dramatic changes.the first month includes all the assessments, workouts, and nutritional guidance. Each month is going to get you individualized attention and full access to me through emails, blog post, and skype sessions for awesome results.


Here is a short questionnaire to fill out that provides me with information to design a personalized program for you. Video and picture support for demonstration of proper technique for any exercise or movement to ensure your safety.

I charge depending on the coaching package you decide to go with. I have two separate tiers, so there is something for every budget.



Level One ONE-ON-ONE  1 days per Week FreeFitDream/Fast Cheetah Package



  • Initial Fitness test, Personalised movement assessment and correction, and Information Program Design

  • Functional exercise for improving functional capacity 

  • Program Design  Programs that improve muscle strength, muscle power, muscular endurance, cardiorespiratory endurance, flexibility, joint range of motion and balance

  • Mind Power Coaching  

  • Monthly Assessment (Troubleshoot and challenge/Updates)

  • Food diary assessment and coaching/Supplement Guide





Here is a short questionnaire to fill out that provides me with information to design a personalized program for you. Fill out the form to apply for a 30-minute consultation

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