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I’m a Fitness professional that loves working with the mature population. We establish a balanced exercise plan for every patient. Fitness is one of the best investments of time, money and effort that a mature adult can make and it will yield huge benefits.


Most mature adults aren’t looking for six-pack abs or 7% percent body fat body with bulging biceps, a huge back and no neck fat even though there is nothing wrong with those goals. These adults not only want the physical but the physical function which is moving better and easier without discomfort and pain.  The ability to shop, do errands, and play with the grandkids with more energy.


Resistance training is an essential fitness program element and it is especially important for mature adults.  What’s missing from so many exercise program are Functional training. Traditional muscle-isolation type resistance exercise programs will not significantly improve physical function.  Most programs are simply not designed to fully help in the human aging process. With Resistance training, you only have half the answer to this process.  Resistance training along with functional training will help mature adults become healthier and more athletic. 


With This program improve your functional ability. Functional ability consists of reaching, pushing, bending, pulling and turning. All-natural functions of taking care of yourself. This program will give you the ability to clean the house, shop and carry bags for groceries, walking up the steps, play tennis better.  This program will provide strength, energy, stamina, and flexibility. Feel better, build muscle, and improve in less injury through better balance.


I’m a mobile trainer with my main location being Southport Fitness 3413 North Southport Ave in the Wrigleyville area.  I train Monday-Sunday on availability.  I can also meet at any private gym or your building gym. The sessions are 60 min. I’m available Morning through Evening depending on availability. The 1st session will consist of a fitness assessment exam. I’ll be taking your measurements giving you a Fitness Test Battery which consists of strength, flexibility, cardiorespiratory endurance, dynamic balance/agility, and body composition. This helps me gauge where your fitness level is and how I should put together your personal regiment.  


A commitment to physical activity, good nutrition, and other healthy choices may modulate the expressing of genetic code. someone once said the following statement: A person's genes determine what might be, but lifestyle choices determine what the person actually becomes!!

Level One ONE-ON-ONE  1 days per Week FreeFitDream/Fast Cheetah Package



  • Initial Fitness  Evaluation, Personalized movement assessment, and correction 


  • Functional exercise for improving functional capacity 


  • Program: Design Programs that improve muscle strength, muscle power, muscular endurance, cardiorespiratory endurance, flexibility, joint range of motion and balance


  • Monthly Assessment (Troubleshoot and challenge/Updates)








Hydrate-Online/One-On-One Training FreeFitDream/Strong Lion Mature Package

  • Initial Fitness Evaluation, Personalized movement assessment and correction, and Information Program Design


  • Functional exercise for improving functional capacity


  • Programs that improve muscle strength, muscle power, muscular endurance, cardiorespiratory endurance, flexibility, joint range of motion and balance. (How to demo videos for exercise techniques) 


  • Mind Power Coaching


  • Monthly Assessment (Troubleshoot and challenge/Updates)


  • Nutrition Design Plan: Assessment and Coaching with Monthly meal plan and (Food diary assessment and coaching/Supplement Guide)

  • Access to the private Facebook group





Level One Group (1or 2-6) FreeFitDream/Package



Special rate can be given to senior centers, retirement communities for One-on-One or groups of 1-6

Here is a short questionnaire to fill out that provides me with information to design a personalized program for you. Fill out the form to apply for a 30-minute consultation

"To be or

not to be that is the question"

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