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Term Of Service

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Definition of Services:


For the purposes of our work together, you agree that I am providing you with “One-On-One” or “Online Fitness Coaching” foremost, and “motivational Help” second most. You also agree that the latter is subjective and arise by individual, and cannot be used as a basis for dispute of provided services with your credit card issuer, bank, or PayPal.




Due to the nature of services being provided to you (One-On-One service) or (Online service), and the unrecoverable nature of the resources involved (my time, you agree that you are paying for my time specifically and not a result As you are paying for my time, you agree not to “chargeback” or otherwise “reverse charge” to your credit card, bank, or PayPal as a result (or lack thereof) of a specific objective not being achieved. You agree that your sole remedy for dispute of service is to contract me for an amicable resolution, however, depending on the situation your sole remedy for dispute resolution at my discretion, may be as outlined in the Refund Policy .


Use of Your Likeness and pictures:


You agree that any pictures you send me for before and after photos become property of and can be used now or in the future for future visitors and potential clients, indefinitely, at my discretion. You agree that any copyright owned by you for any specific image you send me is immediately transferred to and becomes the intellectual property (for the purposes of advertising to new visitors and clients) of


Disclaimer and Results:


As results very by individual, you agree and acknowledge that you may not achieve the same results as my other clients have achieved. In addition, you should consult with your doctor prior to the start of any exercise and/or nutrition program to ensure that you are fit for exercise and/or any included nutrition program will not harm you or cause injury, or exacerbate any condition you may have Further, you agree that you are “fit” for the purpose of fulfilling the objective described in your program upon receiving it, and that the responsibility of your “fitness” for the purpose of this disclaimer is your sole responsibility.


Contacting Us 


If there are any questions regarding this privacy policy you may contact us using the information below




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