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'" I had been diagnosed with a bulging disc which was treated with a painful steroid injection but I had been told it might recur. I had previously had both hips replaced and was suffering from stiff joints. I also needed to lose weight. I was hoping to learn how to use fitness equipment and various exercises that would help me strengthen my joints, improve my balance, get fitter and lose weight. I have learned how to use club exercise equipment that will help me carry out an exercise regimen that will help me continue to exercise on my own. My joints are more flexible, I feel stronger and have lost 12 pounds over the last 4 months.

I'm very happy with the results of my personal training sessions.


Marilyn Geary



​“My life became boring. I needed a change, something that made me feel good. Training did that. I used to work out just enough to hate it now I look forward to it. It's made me so much more goal focused, which helps not just in training, but in life. My results are great. It just shows when you work at something like working out things do tighten up. I never knew how to workout and now I feel very comfortable going to the gym and doing legs, arms, or abs. My abs, my thighs everything is perkier. I have more energy too." Thanks Vince!! ;) 


Megann Hackbarth

Store Manager





“As a full NASM certified trainer I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work with hundreds of people choosing to better their lifestyles. My exercise programs are customized to fit each individual I work with. My knowledge of fitness will give you the results you want”


Master Trainer Vincent Certified Personal Trainer


Shawna Pringles wanted to lose weight for her wedding. “I was told that you are a professional boxer. Regular exercise  is boring.”​ I'm not but why don't we just learn boxing together". She agreed 


Shawna Pringles:

Hospital Administrator 

Yesenia came to me aspiring to get in shape for a trip to Vegas. Yesenia arrived with this bubbly personality and focus. She was focus on weight loss for this trip date in less than three months. Yesenia personality was so contagious, she made everyone happy around her. I advise her to make this new way of being healthy a lifestyle. We were able to help her get in shape and create some new healthier habits.

Yesenia Barzaga, 


 "I'd been without a trainer for a few months, and I was glad to get one again. I'd already worked with personal trainers, but never one with one near my age (52).  I was looking forward to Vincent's advice.  The younger trainers seemed impressed that I was doing so well "for my age.  I'm happy with my progress having worked with Vincent.  He's introduced me to a wide variety of routines, and I think they've been successful".


David Long


I was reasonable in good shape before I met Vincent the trainer. I hired Vincent to help with my balance after two falls. I didn’t think I had any issue since I had already had a trainer and was jumping 1000 jumps with my trustee jump rope every day. I was wrong!! I have become very good at balancing drills and I feel stronger and more confident.  I will not have any more issue with falls again. 


Tom Harding

Bonds Lawyer


I had Mr. Saghafi for a very short period of time bacause of a job relocation.  In three short months Bobak gained 2 pounds of muscle. He did work hard. Like the beast that he was and still is.


Bobak Saghafi

Starresha Martin is a Stylist who loves her curves and just wanted to stay healthy. Starresha has a family history of diabetes. She has lost 5 lbs and counting. (Still in Process)


Starresha Martin


"Very busy, and I never took the time to work out strenuously enough. I would go to the gym and just go on the treadmill or swim.  Rarely worked up a sweat. Having an appt with Vincent means I take the time and I work out more effectively.  And in a shorter period of time.  Working out with a trainer for just a half an hour is more effective than an hour or more on your own. Also I am getting compliments on my appearance.  I feel stronger and energized. My balance and ability to get up from kneeling, squatting, and sitting is excellent".


Debra Young


Women on a Mission 

Everybody has multiple versions of themselves. Some of us use a different version of ourselves in social settings, some when giving a speech or some in biking an extreme distance which we are not used to. There are many distinctions.  Jackie after purchases her first bike in ten years manages to bike 25 miles in the middle of the night finishing at about 5:30am in the fucking morning!!!!! I have never in life seen someone so determined to finish a bike ride!!! You could tell she was extremely unconformable and in pain. Jackie didn’t think that she could ride a bike for Twenty Five Miles but with my encouragement she did. Thank you Jackie because anytime I feel like quitting I will think about that night you showed us all that anything is possible.



Glynnis weight loss.JPG

Oh hell yes and several inches have gone, too!!! Before I started working out with a trainer, I was almost 180! At that point, I knew I couldn't get rid of all that weight on my own. Thank you, Vincent Johnson (no relation) for pushing me and showing me how to work out the right way! I may just reach my goal weight after all!! If you want a fantastic trainer to whip you into shape, definitely reach out to him! He'll get your body right!!! He's worth every penny!

Glynnis Johnson

Real Estate

Ann .jpeg

My expectation was that working out with a personal trainer would be great. It would be much harder to skip going to the gym if I had an appointment with someone. I expected my personal trainer to be fun and motivational, I wasn't going to pay so much money to see someone who would make me feel bad about myself.  He has gotten me back into the habit of exercising. I'm reaching my weight, fitness, and health goals thanks to him. He motivates me every step of the way.


I am not intimidated to go to the gym anymore. The weight is slowly coming off but most importantly Vincent has helped me change my lifestyle. He puts together challenging workouts for me and motivates me to keep going.!


Annie Norman


Terrell came to me wanting to get leaner and lose weight. He lost 235 To 225. 

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